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The Episerver Web Awards People's Vote

Have your say on who wins The People's Vote

Our partners and customers have been busy submitting their nominations, and our judges have been busy working on the shortlist. Every nomination was well thought through and well deserving, however there can only be one winner. 

The category winners will be announced on the day of the event, but for now you can have your say on who wins "The people's vote" for the event that you're attending! 

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See who is leading the way in The People's Vote

The categories

  • Best lead generation and nurturing

    This award is given to the website that most effectively generates leads and guides visitors through the customer journey with relevant content. Public content is mixed with gated content to provide useful information and collect contact details. Many B2B sites would fit into this category.

  • Most helpful and engaging intranet

    This award is given to the intranet that best supports employees or internal organizations in their work. The intranet should make it easy for users to find information and complete tasks on their mobile, tablet or laptop. Social elements are also important, such as comment capabilities, instant messaging, wikis and groups.

  • Most innovative digital solution

    This award is given to the most innovative digital solution that solves a challenge or meets a market demand in a new and exciting way. The solution sets a new standard for digital content, commerce or marketing. It improves customer or user experiences while supporting the overall strategies and goals of the organization.

  • Best buying experience

    This award is given to the digital commerce website that best combines an easy buying process with relevant and engaging content. This can include a quick checkout flow, smart search, social functions like ratings and reviews, personalized content, or chat options for fast service. Awarded to B2C or B2B websites.

  • Best user interface and navigation

    This award is given to the website that best helps visitors complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. The site should be easy to navigate and have strong search capabilities to help visitors find the information they need. A high level of customer service is important, such as chat or self-service features.

  • The People's vote - Coming soon!

    Once we've shortlisted the nominations, you'll have the chance to cast your votes for the website that you believe encompasses all aspects of our nomination categories. This is the website that you think best reflects a "truly standout digital experience".

How does it work?

Both partners and customers have been nominating their sites for the Web Awards 2019. We've now worked to shortlist the nominations down to the 12 sites that we believe have found truly innovative and creative ways to use the Episerver platform to drive standout digital experience. 

Our external panel of expert judges are now busy making the final decision, but they don't hold all of the power. We're opening up the shortlisters for our Miami, Stockholm and London events to give you the chance to vote for your favourite site. 

The winners will be announced at our Ascend events, so be sure to register if you don't already have a ticket!