Ascend 2019 - October 27th-29th

Sunday Education Courses

Available Education Sessions

  • Understanding the Episerver Personalization Suite at 11am-3pm

    Episerver’s Personalization Suite packs an astonishing set of capabilities for savvy marketers and authors which is unrivaled. Understand the capabilities of the products which comprise this suite, how they integrate with the CMS & Commerce core, and the ways they can benefit your organization. The intended audience for this session is business users (authors, marketers, and administrators) familiar with the core Episerver CMS product who want to better understand the capabilities of the suite their organization has already purchased or who are curious about these products which can provide real competitive advantages. The session is four hours including lunch.

  • Episerver CMS Developer Certification Exam Prep between 11am-3pm

    This session will act as a primer for session attendees who wish to attempt the Episerver CMS Exam for the Episerver Certified Developer (ECD) credential. The format of this session will be instructor led reviewing of sample exam questions with various demonstrations of answer solutions. The goal is to help qualified candidates get a concentrated review/knowledge refresh of exam topics. The topics covered will match the knowledge areas tested on the CMS 11 exam. The intended audience for this session is developers enrolled in the CMS Developer Subscription that are ready to attempt the exam but feel they could benefit from a concentrated review. (Note: Enrollment in a Episerver Developer Subscription is required to participate in this session) The session is four hours including lunch.

  • Free Certification - Episerver CMS & Commerce at 3.30pm

    Become an Episerver Certified Developer, ECD As an Episerver Certified Developer (ECD) you receive a certificate to prove that your development skills are at a level to develop Episerver solutions in the best interest of all parties. Companies looking for new recruits are always looking for certified developers, and as an Episerver partner you are required to increase the number of certified developers to upgrade your partner status.